Unconstrained: Loving God With Abandon by Kyle McNutt

Did You Learn To Love?

Unconstrained: Loving God With Abandon by Kyle McNutt is a marvellous and powerful book that delves into scripture, analyses and explains it with the aim of helping us draw closer to God.

The content of the book is explained in the title – it is all about loving God with every part of your life. Do we love God with our time? Our finances? Our pursuits and passions? With every fibre of our being? If not, why not? God desires every part of us. God is not just for Sundays in church. God is for 24/7. He wants to do life in partnership with you. We must give the driving seat of our lives over to God.

Loving God is not just a nice idea or a suggestion. Loving God is a commandment that will improve our lives.

We must also love others and not just when we feel like it. Not just the people in our circle. We must love as Jesus loves us – that includes everyone whether we like them or not. Love is to be based on character and commitment not  feelings.

Unconstrained is a really powerful book that will enhance your walk with God if you let it.

Kyle McNutt writes in a very personable way. He is easy to understand and there is a lot of common sense and passion in what he says. His style is very similar to the style of the talks at Lifecentral.

A powerful book that should grace all our shelves.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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