The Reckoning At Gossamer Pond by Jaime Jo Wright

Beauty Amidst The Weeds

The Reckoning At Gossamer Pond by Jaime Jo Wright is a gripping contemporary and historical Christian suspense which I loved.

The dual timelines of present day and 1907 have parallel stories that link across the years. Both have characters drowning in guilt and unforgiveness as secrets threaten to overwhelm. “It is a horrible place to wallow when you cannot forgive yourself.” We punish ourselves and forget all about grace. “Without… grace, it was hard to crawl out of that pit.” God’s grace covers all our sins. “Grace is receiving what we do not deserve.” God’s grace is available for all who truly believe.

Faith in God must be genuine and from the heart. Faith is not just for Sundays and giving the appearance of faithful. Faith is to be lived out every day. God sees our hearts.

We must not judge others and find them lacking. Any judging and convicting is God’s job. Ours is to love as He loves us.

Within the novel the revival of 1907 has its roots in fact. Fiery preachers contrast with those who lovingly correct.

Love and loyalty are present in the novel. There is a beautiful friendship in 1907.

The sins of the parents do not revisit the children. Children are a gift from God, no matter how they are conceived.

Another fabulous story from Jaime Jo Wright that has murders and mysteries down the ages to solve. I was totally gripped and guessing throughout.

I received this book for free from Net Galley. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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