Misstep by Deborah Dee Harper

Child Of God

Misstep by Deborah Dee Harper is a contemporary Christian suspense thriller that drew me in from the start.

A fun filled chatty style blends with serious lessons from God. The reader really ‘feels’ a part of the action that is told from various points of view in both the first and third person. Godly wisdom imparts into the reader as we witness the birth of a new Christian.

Retirement in a small town should be peaceful and uneventful… but nothing could be further from the truth. The reader sees that there are no retirement plans in God’s kingdom.

With most of the residents being the other side of seventy, the reader could be excused from thinking the action will be sedate. However there is still life and fire in the residents of the town.

Guilt over loss dominates a life. “You’ve got to let go of the grief… you’ve got to get rid of any guilt.” Seventy two years of self inflicted punishment and withdrawal from life is a terrible sentence to live under. We are our own worst enemy as we believe the lies of the evil one. “She doesn’t believe that Jesus would love her.” No one is ever excluded from God’s love.

There is the question of identity. “Who was she? The rich old woman who doesn’t need anybody – or the little girl who needs anybody who’ll have her?” I think this is the saddest sentence in the whole book as it speaks of the vulnerability of a character. There is a child locked inside an octogenarian who has never known love.

Light hearted moments wrap around godly wisdom. “Word spreads fast… but the truth doesn’t always tag along.” A warning against gossip.

I really enjoyed Misstep. It was a very unique read with something for everyone. It was refreshing to have a novel with the characters in the latter stages of life. It is a perfect blend of humour, tension and life lessons. Wonderful.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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About The Book

Winnie and Sadie are still fighting, and I’m still living in the strangest town on earth. It’s December in Road’s End, Virginia, a tiny town long forgotten by anyone but its residents, where Colonel Hugh Foster and his wife, Melanie, have chosen to live—for better or worse. The jury’s still out on that one! Road’s End is comprised entirely of senior citizens whose kids have grown and left for greener pastures. Hugh, Melanie, and Bristol (one of the few sane people in town) are faced with a crumbling church in desperate need of repair and renovation, a dwindling congregation of opinionated, ornery senior citizens, and a camel—yes, a camel. And if that’s not enough, the trio and the rest of the Road’s End residents, are soon mired in danger and intrigue when a group of gun-toting drug dealers arrive in town, bent on killing the church handyman, and conspiring to ruin the doggonedest record-breaking blizzard the town has ever seen. Poor drug dealers.

About  the  Author:

Deborah  Dee  Harper  writes  from  Murfreesboro,  Tennessee,  and  specializes  in  humorous,  inspirational  Christian  books  for  both  children  and  adults.  Her  novel,  Misstep,  is  the  first  book  in  her  Road’s  End  series  for  adults  (although  children  are  welcome  to  read  them  as  well).  She’s  also  written  a  children’s adventure  series,  Laramie  on  the  Lam,  that  is  inspirational,  humorous,  and  full  of  fun.

Contact Dee at:

PO Box 702852; Dallas, TX 75370

Contact: Marji Laine Clubine

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