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Colors Of The Heart by Vicky-Lyn Ashby

Simply Beautiful

Colors of The Heart by Vicky-Lyn Ashby is the most beautiful collection of poems that celebrate love. The love of that special someone, a mother, a friend, the one who is always there for us.

The poems talk about the steadfastness of love, memories, longing. There really is something for everyone for every occasion.

The book is laid out in alphabetical order. The poems rhyme and use rhyming couplets but have verses and lines of differing lengths. Peppered throughout are beautiful and thought provoking images.

A simply beautiful collection that should grace any bookshelf.

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Finding Joy by Ellen Payne

Disturbing And Heartbreaking

Finding Joy by Ellen Payne is an autobiography of a survivor of abuse. Abuse that began in childhood but continued into adulthood as Joy believed words spoken over her and labels put on her.

The tongue is a powerful; instrument and can be used to speak life or death over others. We should guard it far more often than we do.

Abuse comes in many forms. When children are abused by their parents, where do they go? Who do they tell? They believe that this is the norm or it is their fault that it is happening.

Much abuse goes undetected. It is only as people open up as adults that the floodgates open and others begin to talk.

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Living In Peace While In Pieces by Michael J Washington


Living In Peace While In Pieces: A Memoir by Michael J Washington is honest, heartfelt and powerful. It is not written in a linear form but covers various topics throughout the author’s life that crossover.

The secret to peace is God. “My peace comes from my knowledge and trust in God.” Brought up to know God, the author’s times of peace were to be found resting in Him. We need to keep our eyes on God through all that life throws at us. Our peace comes from knowing who we are in Him. We cannot stop problems from happening but we can control our responses to them.

Our peace depends on our outlook, responses and choices. “Peace is yours to own, and nobody can take it from you unless you allow them.” Do not let others dictate your moods. Look to God.

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The Very White Of Love by S.C. Worrall

Love Entangled With War

The Very White Of Love by S.C. Worrall is a heart wrenching and powerful historical read that brings alive the futility of war for the reader. Now that I have finished the book, I still feel emotionally charged. The story affected me deeply.

Set between 1938 – 1941 the reader ‘experiences’ both peace and war. The tranquillity of the English countryside steeped in very ‘Englishness’ contrasts with the brutality of war torn Europe. Due to comprehensive descriptions, the reader ‘lives’ through both.

This is a novel grounded in reality. The author found letters to his mother in an attic after her death and he was inspired to write the story. Some details are factual, others are from the author’s imagination.

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