Dolce Vita (Sweet Life) by Autumn Macarthur

Receiving The Light

Dolce Vita (Sweet Life) by Autumn Macarthur is a delightful contemporary Christian novel that focuses on forgiveness. It is the eighth book in A Tuscan Legacy series but can be read as a stand-alone.

It is easy to know that we must forgive but actually forgiving may be hard to do. Resisting the urge to forgive will guarantee carrying a burden that was never meant for us. Sometimes we need help to forgive. “It’s not easy for us… all we need is the tiniest seed of willingness… He does the rest.” If we cry out to Jesus, He will help us to forgive. This reminds me of Corrie ten Boom who needed the Lord’s help in order to shake the hand of the former concentration guard who was responsible for her sister Betsie’s death.

Unforgiveness ties in with guilt. We know we should forgive but don’t. “Guilt, like a millstone weighing me down.” We need to release all our burdens to Jesus.

There is the topic of unmarried mothers. We are never to judge and always to love. Every child is a gift from God, no matter what the circumstances of conception. The sins of the parents do not revisit the children.

There is the difficult topic of child abuse. The reader could weep as we read “Where was Jesus when my stepfather hurt me?” We know that Jesus never leaves us but in our hurt and pain, it is sometimes difficult to see Him.

The mystery of the paintings continues. I cannot wait for the big reveal at the end of the series.

Another charming story from Autumn Macarthur.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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