Murder In Paint by Rodney Strong

A Really Fun Read

Murder In Paint by Rodney Strong is a really fun contemporary murder mystery thriller set in Wellington, New Zealand.

Rodney Strong writes in a way that engages the reader from the start. There is an air of lightness in spite of the genre. It reminded me of a Hallmark thriller and would translate wonderfully into a channel five afternoon film… any film producers out there need a new project?

Stay at home husband and would be author gets far more than he bargained for following a trip to the cemetery. The reader is entertained by conversations in his head whilst looking for clues to solve a murder and a burglary… all the while fitting in between two young children and the school run.

Murder In Paint is a unique read. It has a clever plotline which keeps the reader entertained and amused. I absolutely loved it. Murder In Paint was a really fun read that I read in just one sitting. I was sorry to see it end. I thought the final page was brilliantly written – appealing to my sense of humour and setting me up perfectly for book two. Rodney Strong please write quickly because I cannot wait to read more in this unique and fun series.

Absolutely wonderful fun read.

I received this book for free from the Book Gobbler. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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