Love by The Numbers by Laura V Hilton

No Condemnation

Love By The Numbers by Laura V Hilton is a charming Amish romance. It is a light-hearted read but has themes grounded in God.

The reader is enthralled by the two leading characters who are delightful. Both are running from their pasts. “What if the future Gott has planned for you is hiding behind your worst failure… or greatest fear?” We need to face our pasts, failures and fears. Whatever we have done, the blood of Jesus covers it all.

Grace is available for all. “Why expect Gott to help her when she didn’t meet with His approval?” We need to stop projecting our thoughts and feelings onto God. He says we are loved and we need to believe it and live loved.

Sometimes we have the wrong belief about how to be saved. We try to work out our salvation. Salvation is a gift. We can never earn it. “We aren’t saved by being ‘gutt enough’… only by grace.”

Worry for tomorrow can mar today. We need to cast our cares onto Jesus and live for today as He is taking care of tomorrow. “Cling to Gott for today, and let Him worry about tomorrow.” The reader is reminded of the farmer who built bigger barns, only to lose his life that night. We do not need to be concerned about tomorrow as the future is already in the hands of God.

The Amish are a wonderful, warm people who help where they can. They are community minded and bond over food. The reader’s appetite is whetted with wonderful descriptions.

A fabulous, light-hearted, feel-good novel with Godly themes.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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  1. Thank you for your wonderful review and information on “Love by The Numbers” by Laura V Hilton as well as being part of the book tour!

    I’d very much love the chance to read this book.

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