God’s Furry Angels by Kirby Lee Davis

God’s Gift

God’s Furry Angels by Kirby Lee Davis is the most beautiful Christian allegorical tale. It is timeless and deserves to be on everyone’s bookshelves. This book can be enjoyed by the very young to the very old. Whether you read it yourself or have it read to you, it is sheer beauty. It is also a cautionary tale.

Bridget, a young kitten can be seen as a motif for all of us. There are lessons we can all learn. When life seems comfortable and safe and we have all we could possibly need, why oh why do we yearn to escape to where the grass appears greener? Why does food, shelter and love not seem to be enough?

Whose voice are we listening to? Is God’s voice drowned out by the enemy telling us that we deserve more?

Why do we wait until we reach rock bottom to cry out to God? ” ‘Why?’ she cried out, knowing only God could hear her.”

God longs to restore and redeem each one of us. No matter what we have done or how far away we have travelled, no one is out of reach of the loving hand of God.

God’s Furry Angels is a perfectly beautiful story. It will sink into your soul. It also has the most beautiful photographs to accompany the narrative. It is a pure delight for the cat lover(and anyone else).

I want to leave you with my favourite and most powerful passage:

” ‘Lord, forgive me… I have sinned against you. I am undone.’… ‘No, my child,’ came His gentle reply. ‘You are redeemed. Now come with Me.’ ”

Simply beautiful.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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