The Lost Castle by Kristy Cambron

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The Lost Castle by Kristy Cambron is the most delightful Christian historical and contemporary romance. Like a cosy sweater, Kristy Cambron’s stories just cocoon the reader from start to end.

The novel has a triple timeline mainly set in France – late eighteenth century, 1941-1944 and present day. As the story unfolds, the reader takes great delight in travelling through the time periods.

The stories are linked by strong, brave women. Women who are educated, know what they want and will go to extraordinary lengths to get it.

Love never dies. The love stories are beautiful. Love and legacy last down the years. Our lives are as they are because of those who have gone before.

War is cruel. “War changes everything.” War produces men and women who are prepared to fight evil and unjust regimes in whatever way they can. Ordinary men and women take a stand. “Sometimes peace must be earned with sacrifices of those willing to run into the fight.” There is a time to run away and a time to say enough is enough. “I want to do something.”

The Nazis invaded France. Life changed. The novel shows how even in times of war, we can have an oasis of peace. “Vines… a mirage of normalcy in their war-ravaged world.”

At times of great hardship, we may question God’s goodness. “Surely God would see them. And would intervene.” We have to trust that God is good even when life says otherwise. The novel reveals how God can use us to do His work here on earth. “He’s been an answer to her most desperate prayers.”

Whatever we are going through we must not lose hope or we will be lost. “We’re determined to cling to hope.”

There is the hard topic of Alzheimer’s. It is a cruel disease, robbing us of our loved ones bit by bit. “Alzheimer’s progress in stealing their world.”

When we look at our grandparents and others of their generation, it is all too easy to just see them as ‘old.’ We forget that they were once young. That they loved and they laughed and they lived. The novel reminds us of this.

The Lost Castle is a perfect delight. I adore Kristy Cambron’s novels and cannot get enough of them. I am excited each time I pick up one of her novels and sad when it ends. I have read every novel that Kristy Cambron has written and each one is my very favourite… until the next one comes out.

If you have not yet ‘discovered’ Kristy Cambron, you can. Pick up a copy of The Lost Castle and delve in today. You will be glad you did.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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  1. “The Lost Castle is a perfect delight.” Very enticing interview, as well as an enticing cover! I just want to follow that path through the trees!

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