Moonlight Over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

The Best Gift Of All

Moonlight Over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan is a delightful fun read. I always enjoy Sarah Morgan’s novels as they warm my heart and leave a smile on my face. This is the sixth book in the From Manhattan With Love series and I loved catching up with familiar faces.

Moonlight Over Manhattan is about hope and kindness. Main character Harriet radiates kindness wherever she goes. Her open and generous spirit is infectious. She sees what others miss – she sees people. “Small things matter.” It is in the detail that her huge heart shines through.

The novel revolves around dogs. Dogs of all different shapes and sizes. Even to a cat person like me, the dogs are wonderful, each with their unique personalities. They have starring roles within the tale.

We all have insecurities. “The F word was fear.” Living a life in fear is unproductive. We need to step out and face our fears. I loved the concept of ‘challenge Harriet.’ There were some wonderfully amusing moments that had me laughing out loud.

Words hurt. Words can have lasting effects. Once spoken we cannot take them back. “He could cause bruises and scars just by opening his mouth.” We need to be careful what comes out of our mouths. Words can build up or tear down. We need to be with people who speak life into our lives.

Throughout the novel there was a wonderful warm atmosphere. The reader delights in the dialogue that bounces between characters, all of whom spring to life from the pages of the book.

Snowfall adds to the atmosphere, casting a magical glow over the story which is just perfect for these dark autumn evenings.

A perfectly fun read that will brighten any day.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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