Straight Flies The Arrow by Sydney Betts

Changed Lives

Straight Flies The Arrow by Sydney Betts is an epic historical Christian Native American tale and a marvellous end to the trio of books. I really enjoyed it.

The reader has a real treat as they experience life in the 1840’s in Native American villages. Here, life is simple, no worldly worries. There is a combining of the traditional way with the new way of I-Am-Creator, as more and more Native Americans hear and grasp His words. “The new spirit produced changes in me.” The reader is reminded that in Jesus, we are all new creations.

As Christians, we have the hope of heaven. “I look forward to heaven, where we will never need to part with a loved one again.” Our separation is not forever.

Sydney Betts shows how Jesus never leaves us alone. There is a beautiful scene in the novel where Jesus guides a warrior home on his final journey. It bought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes.

The novel is about sacrifice and a new way of doing things. If we know Jesus, we no longer need to have ‘an eye for an eye’. We can leave the judgment and vengeance to God. Our job is to love.

Names are important. They signify character. A change in character or appearance will bring about a change in name. Likewise Jesus gives us a new name. He calls us beloved.

If we do not tell people about Jesus, how will they know? How will knowing Him change their lives? Within the novel Sydney Betts shows a reverence given to those who share Jesus. It is the job of all of us. Knowing Jesus changes lives.

I have really enjoyed this trio of books from Sydney Betts. It has been fascinating learning about the Native Americans way of life and getting to know the characters. A marvellous series.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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