Deadly Proof by Rachel Dylan

Truth, Lies And Double Dealings

Deadly Proof by Rachel Dylan is a complex Christian corporate thriller which I really enjoyed.

A lawsuit against a large pharmaceutical firm means much is at stake. The reader sees both sides, only one is concerned with justice. The other is interested in power and money. To be concerned about others is seen as a weakness. “If you want to make it to the top, you need to start thinking about yourself more and less about others.” The reader knows that these two things are not mutually exclusive but will the characters?

The reader is treated to a marvellous plotline of truth and lies, double dealings, mistrust and cover ups, and criminal activity. Your attention is grabbed at the start and held throughout.

The presence of God is there, sustaining us through all life’s trials. “Her faith… kept her from falling into a deep bout of darkness… and never leaving the house.” Faith will lift you up when life threatens to drag you down.

For some, life has been so hard that it feels like God has moved away. “God had abandoned him when he’d needed the Lord the most… why would he listen to him now?” God never leaves us but walks alongside us throughout our troubles but sometimes we cannot feel Him. God waits for us to return to Him. He is just a prayer away. “One prayer at a time. God, I am weak. I need You.”

The novel has the themes of depression and PTSD. Both are similar and can crush us but “He [God] can break the chains that you feel trapped by.”

Guilt and forgiveness go hand in hand. As forgiveness is given, so relationships can be restored.

The novel shows how easy it is to get sucked in and pulled downwards by a love of power. “He couldn’t help but feel like he may have really crossed over to the dark side.” Life presents us junctions where we can choose to do the right thing or not. Our conscience should lead us.

I really enjoyed Deadly Proof as I became immersed in the novel and sped through the book. It was a marvellous thriller and I cannot wait for the subsequent books in this Atlanta Justice series.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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