Theodora’s Children by Rick Nau

Hope And Love And Peace And Light

Theodora’s Children by Rick Nau is a most beautiful Christian allegory. It’s style is reminiscent of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books. For me, it very much had an air of The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe about it. I was captivated by its beauty and enthralled with its narrative.

The novel drew me in from the start. It is a timeless tale – set yesterday, today, tomorrow. This tale will never grow old. Like Jesus, its relevance is for us all, no matter how old or young you are.

The story reminded me of several Bible stories including the parting of the Red Sea, the wisdom of Solomon and the prodigal son’s return to name but a few. As I read, the light of Christ leapt from the novel and captured my heart.

The presence of God shone throughout. The saddest words I read were “He never hides, though sometimes people hide from Him.” God longs for us to know Him and trust Him. Why would we ever wish to hide?

The theme of trust runs within the story. We need to trust others and trust God. “You must trust in Him. He’s our only hope.”

We need to pray at all times – in the good and in the bad. “Keep praying and don’t stop.” We must pray without ceasing, for we know we have a God who hears us and answers us.

The novel is about journeys. For a successful journey through unknown territory “having a compass helps.” In our lives, we need a compass and His name is Jesus. We need to keep our eyes fixed on Him.

We need to know about God, about His nature and His desires. We learn about Him through His word, the Bible. It is in reading His words that we will draw close to Him and His heart. We are blessed to be able to buy and read God’s word in our own language. No longer do we need a priest to draw us closer to God. We can come to Him just as we are, just where we are.

There are many images of light and darkness within the story. The light will always overcome the darkness and will shine to reveal the dark corners in our lives.

All that glitters is not gold. We need to be discerning in our spiritual walk, just because it looks good, does not mean that it is good.

The story shows that we can have it all and still feel empty. No amount of money, power or stuff, will ever fill our God-shaped hole.

Goodness shines throughout the novel. It wraps itself around the reader and warms your heart and soul.

Theodora’s Children is unlike any book I have recently read. It is beautiful but what sets it apart, is an ethereal quality to it. There is a peace imparted to the reader that only God’s truth brings.

Reading Theodora’s Children brings hope and love and peace and light. Whatever genre you normally read – Stop. Pause. And read Theodora’s Children today. It is a book I believe will impart more truths, light and revelations on subsequent readings.

Theodora’s Children Is a book I will keep by my bedside to read again and again. It is a book that just one reading will not satisfy the yearning inside.

All truth is God’s truth. Let Theodora’s Children ‘speak’ to you today.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.








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