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Healing Love by Jennifer Slattery

Do Not Forget

Healing Love by Jennifer Slattery is the most beautiful and heartfelt contemporary Christian novel. At its heart are children – children who need love, care and to know that Jesus loves them.

The novel is written around a mission trip to El Salvador. Here there is much poverty and neglect. Orphaned children are abandoned. Even children with parents are neglected, unloved and seen as useless commodities. Words spoken over them in anger remain lodged in their hearts – useless, worthless, unloved. These children need to know God’s heart for them. They need to experience love and compassion. “We cannot save the world… nor the children of our school, but we can impact the life of one.”

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Lydia’s Song by Katherine Blessan

A Difficult Topic

Lydia’s Song by Katherine Blessan is a Christian novel dealing with the evils of trafficking and child prostitution. It is difficult reading but as these things go on, we do need to be aware of them.

The novel has two time periods… 2036 and thirty years earlier. The action is seen from the viewpoints of Lydia, an English teacher in Cambodia and ten year old Vietnamese Song. The story, begun in 2006 is completely wrapped up for the reader at the end.

The reader is also educated in the history of Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge for those who have not grown up hearing the troubles and corruption on the news.

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Love’s Journey by Emily Murdoch

A Sweet Read

Love’s Journey by Emily Murdoch is a Christian historical novella and a fabulous story to kick off a new series. It was a sweet, gentle read which I enjoyed.

There was the theme of searching. The tenacity of which reminded me of the Bible story of searching for the lost sheep.

There was also the theme of priorities. Our priorities should be for people rather than land or possessions.

The reader was enchanted by the blossoming of the leading lady. For 1840, she was a modern woman of her time, preferring to rely on no one but herself. Life should not be done in isolation. Sooner or later, pride needs to be swallowed and help accepted.

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True Love At The Lonely Hearts Bookshop by Annie Darling

What Would Elizabeth Bennet Do?

True Love At The Lonely Hearts Bookshop by Annie Darling is the most wonderful and fun contemporary romance which I absolutely adored. It had me hooked from the start with references to Pride And Prejudice, my all time favourite book – a characteristic I shared with the heroine. Having studied Pride And Prejudice for A’ level back in 1980, I really appreciated all the references.

Annie Darling has created some wonderful warm characters that were oh so easy to empathise with and they were fun. I ‘saw’ myself in the role of the heroine. I too, love cats. “I have… an extremely needy cat.” Strumpet is a fabulous name for a cat and he really played a starring role in my eyes.

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