Tender Love by Juliette Duncan

Healing Power

Tender Love by Juliette Duncan is a gentle Christian romance but packed full of godly themes. You can buy it on its own or as part of the True Love box set. There are themes of forgiveness, faith and trust.

When life is hard, it is all too easy to blame God and walk away. We need to stay especially close to God in the tough times and lean on Him.

Prayer is important. We need to remember to thank God for His goodness as well as asking for things.

God is a God of healing – both physically and spiritually.

As believers it is important to go to church. Church is our family and where we go to praise God and to have our faith strengthened to face the week ahead.

The novel also has the theme of new beginnings. Some we choose and others are thrust upon us.

The novel shows how animals can be therapeutic. As we pour ourselves into our pets, we can forget our troubles for a while.

A sweet romance to kick off the series.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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