The Road To Paradise by Karen Barnett

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The Road To Paradise by Karen Barnett is an absolutely wonderful Christian historical novel. It is the first book in the Vintage National Parks series and I cannot wait for the subsequent books.

Set in 1927, the reader is transported to a bygone age. Life is supposed to be simpler but the old enemies of the lust for money and power still ruled men’s hearts. “We must fight to protect it from unscrupulous forces that would simply develop the land for the sake of the mighty dollar.” In contrast there are pure characters who wish to preserve the land and its natural beauty for subsequent generations. Their joy and raison d’etre is to be found in the natural and not the power houses of Washington.

Karen Barnett presents wonderful and detailed descriptions of the beauty to be found in the great outdoors. The reader finds themselves wandering through meadows, crossing streams and scaling mountains. It is a book that is not just to be read but experienced.

God is everywhere. His greatest beauty is to be found in creation. “No jewels could compare to the majesty of God’s creation.” In His sunsets and sunrises, in His wildflowers and animals, evidence of God’s creation is all around. Life did not ‘just happen’ but was designed by God.

Knowing God can sustain us through all of life’s circumstances. When we know God, we want others to know Him too. Sometimes in life, people walk away from God because facing Him is just too hard in our anger and pain. “Grief still owns his heart.” God waits for us to return to Him and sends others alongside us to help point us back to Him. “Maybe it was to shine the light of His love on a man who’d lost his faith.”

Faith in God goes hand in hand with trusting Him. “It’s not about whether you warm a pew at services that matters. It’s whether you’re willing to trust Him.” God sees our heart and knows whether we are doing things for appearance sake or to have a relationship with Him.

The reader watches a wonderful romance blossom in the story.

One character embodies the themes of power, money, manipulation and control. Coupled with domestic violence and anger, these are ugly character traits.

The characters were all wonderfully and realistically drawn. People struggled with situations and had their own strengths and weaknesses. They were all unique and I particularly loved the two lead characters.

I absolutely adore all Karen Barnett’s novels. The Road To Paradise was a wonderful escape from the realities of modern life. I really ‘lived’ the novel and was sad to see it end. Many more please, Karen Barnett.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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  1. This is on my To Read list! Thanks for sharing your review. I’ll be sure to move it to the top of the stack!

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