Her Last Breath by Tracy Buchanan

Beneath The Surface

Her Last Breath by Tracy Buchanan is a contemporary psychological thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.

It really is a marvellous read and very cleverly constructed. The novel’s chapters alternate between two different voices – present day action and a menacing voice that is watching and waiting. Throughout I tried to guess who’s was the menacing voice? I accused most of the characters before the big reveal.

The novel has the themes of secrets and lies, appearances and reality. Everyone seems to have a secret they protect with lies. The faces presented to the world are not reality. The reader must discover the truth beneath the lies and appearances.

There are also difficult themes of abuse, neglect, bulimia and control. Unsuitable parents mean youngsters are not treated as they should be. Our upbringing may translate into baggage we carry into adulthood. Sometimes the only thing we can control in our lives, is our eating with disastrous effects. The media is partly to blame with its portrayal of stick thin but perfect women – perfectly airbrushed but not everyone realises this.

The themes of drug and alcohol abuse show there are no class boundaries.

The motif for our lives can be seen in the coastal village presented. As it erodes into the sea, lives begin to unravel.

The sins of the fathers may be repeated in the subsequent generations unless the chains are broken.

Baggage accumulated in the past will affect our lives. The heavier it becomes, the more burdensome we feel. The truth must come to light if we are to have a future.

Her Last Breath played games with the reader’s mind as one tries to predict the ending. Clues send the reader this way and that, before the jaw dropping conclusion.

An absolutely fantastic psychological thriller that entertains from the start.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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