The French Encounter by Jenna Brandt

Swashbuckling Adventure

The French Encounter by Jenna Brandt is a swash buckling historical Christian adventure. It is the second book in the Window To The Heart series and an exciting read.

Continuing where book one left off, the reader catches up with familiar characters. Strengthened by a faith in God, the lead character leans on Him when life seems challenging. “Help me to trust You and not to worry.”

Prayer is important. God always answers prayer but not always in the way we imagine.

There is the theme of healing – both physically and of hearts.

The past intrudes on the present. Learning the lessons of the past, can help present and future experiences.

A new life and new loves, but a reliance on God is needed for a successful future. Storms will still hit but God promises to walk through the way with us. “As she walked through the doors, she felt an overwhelming peace wash over her.” God gives us a peace in the storm that man cannot understand.

Within the novel, there is hope. A hope that is steadfast and does not give up. No matter how bleak the world, we can face the future holding on to hope.

God is the God of restoration. He will repay the years the locusts have eaten.

Family is important – blood ties and God ties. With family on your side, the future can be tackled.

The French Encounter was another fabulous and entertaining read. I eagerly devoured it. I am now looking forward to the third and final book in the series.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




5 thoughts on “The French Encounter by Jenna Brandt

  1. Mind blowing! The French Encounter is a story focused on the importance of faith and through that faith you can learn to love again, learn to trust again, learn to heal, learn to be you again. The story line in The French Encounter ties into the events that took place in the English Proposal. Due to the events that happened in England, Lady Margaret is no longer Lady Margaret after she losses her Title. While in France, she hopes to finally learn what happened to her twin brother who was lost at Sea (what happened is amazing and the storyline that happens is even more amazing). With help from a Character in Book 1, she learns how to overcome her loss, to overcome her hurt, to overcome her past and continue to build her faith in God. Ms. Brandt is an amazing author who through her descriptions, her timeline in the book, her Character involvement from previous books, engulfs you into the books!!!! I enjoy reading them because the sexual content is a hint at what to come and not what happens which is a #1 thing in my eyes!!

    PS Not gonna say much but Michel and Pierre are my favorite male characters and “Jackie” is my favorite female character (I have actually started calling woman Cheri, LOL)

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