Suburban Dangers by Megan Whitson Lee

The Battle Of Good And Evil

Suburban Dangers by Megan Whitson Lee is a YA contemporary Christian novel that explores the dangers of complacency and self absorption.

Contemporary parenting is a minefield in the days of mobile phones and the internet. There is a lot of unsuitable stuff out there and policing our children’s browsing habits is shown to be difficult.

The novel deals with the hard hitting topics of alcohol, drugs, trafficking, pornography and teenage gangs. Megan Whitson Lee shows how it is all too easy to get caught up in a life that spirals out of control. Vulnerable youngsters are taken advantage of by unsavoury older men.

God is missing from many lives today and we ignore Him at our peril. The god of today seems to be the god of more – more stuff, more self, more, more, more – in an attempt to fill what is actually a God-shaped hole that only God can fill and satisfy.

Life is a battle. It is more than what we can see, hear and touch. Life is a spiritual battle as the forces of good and evil vie for our attention.

The novels warns against self focus, especially for parents. Children need us to focus on them and anticipate their needs. If parents and other good role models are not there for the children, others will step in and take the lead.

There is the theme of the sins of the fathers visiting the next generation. The cycle of sin needs to be broken and lives turned around.

Suburban Dangers is a very well thought out novel. It warns against the dangers of suburbia where “we’re all so comfortable and complacent… we’re all lulled into a false sense of security.” It was an uncomfortable read at times but life is not always nice. The comprehensive storyline and realistic characters make Suburban Dangers a compulsive read with a strong message warning there but for the grace of God… Parenting is hard. It takes a community and God to raise a child. We need to include Him.

A powerful story that begs to be read.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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