The Second Sister by Claire Kendal


The Second Sister by Claire Kendal is a real riveting page turner that had me hooked and guessing from the start. It is a contemporary psychological thriller that had my heart racing and my mind turning. Written in the first person, I became totally immersed in the action.

The novel is about grief and loss. Ten years have passed but the raw grief remains. Bonds formed over a lifetime cannot be broken. “Even without you here, my closeness to you hasn’t stopped.” Love links the two sisters. Conversations still occur. The adage that time heals is a myth. Loss is still loss no matter how many years have passed.

Loss brings regrets. The past has gone. Regrets have only the power we give them to rob us of our present and future.

Family ties bind. Following a loss, family will cling to each other, sometimes suffocating in the process. Loss can bring feelings of anger but ultimately the ties of love bind. A family united together will survive, a fractured family will fall apart.

With loss comes questions. The questions will always continue until the truth is uncovered. People always want answers even though the fact remains that they still have loss. People need closure.

There are the themes of guilt and forgiveness. Loss always brings feelings of guilt associated with what we should have done or what we did do and shouldn’t have. Forgiveness needs to be given, if only to ourselves.

The novel explores human nature. What makes a monster? Is there a little bit of monster in all of us? Is there any humanness in a monster? Where does a decent human being end and a monster begin? Are we all a fine blend of both?

The Second Sister was an incredible read. No way could I guess the outcome. I warmed to the leading lady – a mixture of strength, weakness and determination. The Second Sister will have you guessing and gasping as your pulse rises and heart rate increases. It really is a cracking psychological read.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.






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