New York Actually by Sarah Morgan

Love And Life, Family And Friends

New York Actually by Sarah Morgan is a delightful and fun contemporary romantic read but with a serious message. I always love Sarah Morgan’s writings as they put a smile on my face and leave my heart feeling warm.

New York Actually is a wonderful read on so many levels. Characters from a previous novel were on the peripheral which made the read feel familiar from the start.

The characters were drawn realistically and with warmth – they included two big bouncy dogs who took on their own personalities and were as much a part of the story as the humans.

Within the novel Sarah Morgan explores how our past can affect our future if we let it. Everyone has a past. Everyone has a hurt. Everyone needs to deal with their past hurts before they are able to move forwards into their futures.

Linking with this theme are those themes of hiding and secrets. Secrets are never good. Sooner or later they emerge with the power to destroy. Hiding prevents people from truly living life to the full. “Hiding has a downside… It means you live a small life.” Erecting walls to protect can have the opposite effect and instead of keeping one safe, the walls keep others out. The walls need to come down.

Good friends come in all shapes and sizes. Everyone needs good friends. Friends who know us intimately inside and out. “No one knew who I was underneath… it made me feel alone and isolated.” Friends who will stick by us no matter what. Friends do not always have two legs, sometimes they have four. “No matter how bad your day is, it’s pretty hard to be miserable when you have a dog.” Four legged friends will love unconditionally and extravagantly. They will love us for who we are and not for what they can get out of it.

New York Actually was such a fabulous fun read. As a pet lover, I adored getting to know the four legged friends. Sarah Morgan writes such wonderful warm and witty novels that just ping straight to my heart. Her stories make my world brighter and warmer. I love her writings.

Pick up New York Actually today and put a smile on your face.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.






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