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Capturing Beauty by Brenda Anderson is a wonderful contemporary Christian romance. It is the second book in the Where The Heart series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Brenda Anderson writes novels that go directly to my heart. She draws realistic and lovable characters who face problems that are easy to empathise with. Brenda Anderson has clearly studied mannerisms and behaviours as her characters explode off the page and into life. Eight year old Reece is a delightful mix of a big heart and boyish mood swings. Anyone who has been around children can easily recognise his behaviour. He is a normal young boy – not perfect but perfectly lovable.

The novel explores very real hang ups. Callie, bullied many years earlier has a problem with her image. “Believing that she was anything but ugly had become impossible.” Callie sees beauty in everything but herself. Brenda Anderson shows that real beauty has nothing to do with outward appearances. True beauty comes from within and can be seen on faces. The media has distorted our idea of what is a ‘perfect’ body. A perfect body is the one God has given us. He says we are beautiful and we need to believe Him, not the media. True beauty is a kind heart, reaching out to others.

The theme of beauty continues in nature. Brenda Anderson has painted some wonderful scenes in her reader’s minds – breath takingly beautiful sunsets. Her descriptive passages bring scenes to life.

The novel shows that life is what we make it. We can trudge through life or we can stop and make the most of simple things. “True love is eating ice cream together.” We need to stop rushing and make memories instead. “You have memories that can live.”

There is the theme of control. Too often people try to exert control over others. It takes courage to stand and take back control of one’s own life. Brenda Anderson reveals that all that is needed for someone to bloom is love, kindness and encouragement.

We all need God in our lives. Even when we know Him, there are times when we wonder where God is. “Silence answered but that didn’t mean that God wasn’t there.” The best plan for our lives is God’s plan. We need to have faith and trust in God.

There is the sensitive theme of alcoholism within Capturing Beauty. Brenda Anderson realistically reveals the daily battle that recovering alcoholics face. They are just one drink away from falling. They need love and support, and a purpose that is greater than the bottle.

Parenting is difficult at times but very rewarding. Brenda Anderson draws the wonderful and heartfelt bond of the love of a father for his son. She shows the sacrificial love required. “I left because I did love you.”

Capturing Beauty is a study of love. A love that brings out the best in others. A love that lives out 1 Corinthians:13.

Capturing Beauty Is a beautiful book. There are tender moments, breath taking scenes and beautiful words. It is a book that will lodge itself in your heart. It is a powerful, beautiful read and I loved it.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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  1. Sounds like a great book! I struggled with self-esteem myself as a teen and thought I’d never get married! Imagine that, especially when you consider I married at only 19. I think we need to see beauty in ourselves as well as in others. We are not on this planet alone, after all. We’re all in this together.

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