Waves Of Mercy by Lynn Austin

The Still Small Voice

Waves Of Mercy by Lynn Austin is a Christian historical romance. It was my first novel by Lynn Austin and wow, what a read! I loved Waves Of Mercy and greedily devoured it.

Waves Of Mercy is packed full of God’s goodness. It explores the themes of faith and doubt. Doubt that asks questions can lead to a stronger faith. “My faith was battered by a storm of doubt as I questioned god’s goodness.” Faith and doubt are not opposites but work together.

The novel shows how faith is not just going to church. “He’s with us everywhere we go, not just in a church building.” Faith is a relationship with God. It is being ‘real’ with Him. “Should I tell… how I raged at god for letting them die?” It is giving God your anger, your tears and your sorrows as well as your praise, hopes and dreams. Faith is loving God, relying on Him and letting His peace surround you.

Church is important but you need a church that builds up your faith. “We wanted to live as servants of Christ, not servants of a state controlled church system that kept God at a cold, remote distance and watered down all His commandments.” You need a church that will support you in the good and bad times and help deepen your relationship with God. A church that functions as Jesus intended it too. Churches are not supposed to be clubs that pay lip service to God. They are meant to be beacons of light, helping in a dark world.

Family is important. A family that pulls together and supports each other. A family is a microcosm of the church, it is to love, support and help grow ones faith.

The novel is about new beginnings – both in faith and physically as the town of Holland grows and develops.

Lynn Austin cleverly sets the novel from two different viewpoints and at two different time periods. Her leading ladies – Anna and Geesje are both lovable, likable, strong women who just spoke to my heart. Though separated by miles, class and age, they are drawn to each other and to the reader. Anna is searching for her roots. Geesje is writing her memoirs. Both make fascinating reading.

The time periods are 1897 and fifty years earlier. The reader is educated about the persecution of the Separatists in Holland and their subsequent setting up of a new life in America.

Lynn Austin has written the most wonderful novel in Waves Of Mercy. I really ‘felt’ like I was ‘seeing’ the action. I was engaged throughout the whole story. The imagery and language connected to the sea and storms was very cleverly done. As was the main message… whatever storm we face in life, Jesus is right there alongside us.

An absolutely marvellous read.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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