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Waves Of Mercy by Lynn Austin

The Still Small Voice

Waves Of Mercy by Lynn Austin is a Christian historical romance. It was my first novel by Lynn Austin and wow, what a read! I loved Waves Of Mercy and greedily devoured it.

Waves Of Mercy is packed full of God’s goodness. It explores the themes of faith and doubt. Doubt that asks questions can lead to a stronger faith. “My faith was battered by a storm of doubt as I questioned god’s goodness.” Faith and doubt are not opposites but work together.

The novel shows how faith is not just going to church. “He’s with us everywhere we go, not just in a church building.” Faith is a relationship with God. It is being ‘real’ with Him. “Should I tell… how I raged at god for letting them die?” It is giving God your anger, your tears and your sorrows as well as your praise, hopes and dreams. Faith is loving God, relying on Him and letting His peace surround you.

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