The Amish Christmas Kitchen by various

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christmasThe Amish Christmas Kitchen is a delightful collection of three tales and just perfect for Christmas or any time of year. All are feel good reads and I can highly recommend them.

Baking Love On Ice Mountain by Kelly Long is a delightful Amish romance with the theme of second chances. With God all things can be made new. We need to trust Him and submit to His plan for our lives. “Sometimes everything looks like a mess but He’s still around.”

There is also the theme of loss and guilt. When a loved one dies, we may feel guilty if we start to feel happy. We feel that we are not honouring their memory but our loved ones would not want us to wear a sack cloth and ashes forever.

A delightful tale with some wonderfully touching moments.

The Christmas Bakery On Huckleberry Hill by Jennifer Beckstrand is an absolutely delightful Amish festive read. It was highly amusing especially following the antics of the two goats.

The two main characters were warm and welcoming and full of kindness. “Kindness and gratitude were never wasted lessons.”

The reader championed the underdogs in the tale against a rather arrogant and overbearing character.

I adored this tale and just wanted to crawl inside the story. It was a real treat. I love Jennifer Beckstrand’s writings.

The Special Christmas Cookie by Lisa Jones Baker is a wonderful festive Amish offering. It is about love and trust, prayers and faith in God who always answers them. The story has a delightful family feel to it. Lisa Jones Baker shows how marvellous things can be achieved when a community pulls together.

Having a child like faith is a beautiful thing as shown in the tale.

There is the theme of loss and grief, a feeling that one can never be good enough to step into the shoes of the departed. We do not have to be ‘good enough’, we just have to do our best and leave the rest up to God. We are all unique with different gifts.

Totally delightful.

A wonderful collection of stories to delight the reader.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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