A Husband For Holly by Marion Ueckermann

Taking A Chance

A Husband For Holly by Marion Ueckermann is a delightful Christian romance. It is the fourth book in the Seven Suitors For Seven Sisters series but can be read as a stand-alone.

This is a perfectly wonderful read as all Marion Ueckermann’s books are. The setting is the Yorkshire moors just before Christmas and with the backdrop of snow. It is just a perfect setting for a perfect romantic read.

God is over the whole novel. There is the theme of trusting Him. Holly has loved and lost. Christopher has loved and lost. Both are cautious about trusting others. Neither want to be hurt again but they both need to trust God. “He’d have to do what he should have done in the first place – trust God.” Putting our uncertain futures into the hands of God is always a wise thing to do.

There is the theme of family throughout. Holly is close to her seven sisters. Christopher is close to his father and there is the family of God, to which we all belong. Caring for others ties in with this theme. Holly’s sister Heather has a heart for the lost and lonely. She and her boyfriend Paxton (from book 3) work in a shelter for the homeless. “Helping people to rise from the depths he was once in.”

Heather’s love and compassion for others extends to all those whom society might marginalise. “Heather had a soft spot for those who cannot help themselves.” Christopher’s father has Alzheimer’s and both sisters draw close to him and have patience to love and care for him. Christopher’s father is beautifully drawn, bringing out empathy in the reader. Marion Ueckermann has clearly known someone with Alzheimer’s as Christopher’s father’s character is so detailed. I ‘felt’ that I knew him intimately. He was finely drawn. I could even ‘see’ his cloth cap.

Going to church is important for the Christian. We were never meant to do life in isolation. We need to meet with others to strengthen our faith and to help keep us focused on God. “Going to church had become more of a ritual.” Going to church should be exciting as it is where we meet God. Marion Ueckermann shows how character’s recognise that church should not be just a ritual and if it is, then something needs to change.

All the characters were wonderfully drawn. Christopher and his father were Scottish so Marion Ueckermann uses the Scottish dialect when they are talking. It is easy to understand what they are saying. There were some wonderfully humorous moments too as the aging Agatha tried continuously to set up Holly with the male members of the church – the only requirement seemed to be that they were still breathing!

I am absolutely loving this Seven Suitors For Seven Sisters series. I love the way minute details from the other stories are interwoven in each book. I cannot wait for the subsequent books in the series.

A perfectly delightful read. Marion Ueckermann is a wonderful author. I cannot get enough of her books.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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