All The King’s Horses by Barry Milazzo

Pressing On To Jerusalem

all-theAll The King’s Horses by Barry Milazzo… Wow what a read. Such a powerful book that really assaulted my emotions – elated one minute, breaking my heart the next. This is a book that needs to be read and digested, there was so much in it.

As I ended All The King’s Horses I was left with two overwhelming feelings of note – Trust God, He is in control even when you cannot see Him. And what incredibly brave men Barry Milazzo and his son Bryson are, they press on regardless, rising each day to do battle again. “The world we’ve been born into is not a playground, but a battlefield.”

Life was not always like this for Barry Milazzo. He had a wife, a two year old daughter and a beautiful, perfect newborn son Bryson. Life was good until routine injections left baby Bryson severely brain damaged. All The King’s Horses tells of the family’s daily battles to care for Bryson and the hope for him. “Hope commits us to actions that connect with God’s promises.”

This book is powerful because despite all that life has thrown at him, Barry Milazzo acknowledges that God is in control and he trusts Him. “I knew that God was good, but things were getting confusing.” At times life seemed very bleak with mountains ahead but “when you face mountains, keep climbing.”

Barry Milazzo’s strong faith in God helped him in his fight for Bryson. Barry Milazzo never gave up on his son, refusing to put Bryson in a home or accepting the negative prognosis about him. He fought for Bryson’s care every step of the way and organised Bryson’s Army – local volunteers who helped with Bryson’s care and Barry got Bryson into mainstream school.

All The King’s Horses is a book about miracles – one painful step after another. It is about celebrating Bryson’s achievements. Bryson has clearly inherited his father’s strength as he persevered, trusting his Dad every painful step of the way. “He [Bryson] no longer feared the darkness… His Daddy was with him.”

This book tells the story of Bryson from his birth in 1986 to present day but it is so much more than just a narrative. All The King’s Horses is a book about God. About trusting Him “Choose trust instead of fear, forgiveness instead of bitterness.”. It is about leaning on Him, loving Him and doing life in relationship with Him. “Jesus called us to follow Him on a narrow path, not a popular highway.” God calls us to be His children. “God doesn’t have victims, He has children.” Everything Barry Milazzo says is backed up with scripture and you cannot argue with that.

Barry Milazzo is brutally honest in his book. His emotions, feelings and life are all laid out. He acknowledges feelings of anger and despair as he hit the valleys. He shared his jubilation as he scaled the mountains. He knows that “Jesus is still God’s only answer to every human problem.”

Everyone should read All The King’s Horses. It will impact your life and your faith, moving you to a deeper level of trust, if you only let it. When you reach the bottom and God is all you have, you will realise you have all you need.

I found Barry Milazzo’s words very powerful. His book spoke to my heart. He is a brave man with enormous faith in God and enormous love for his family. Bryson is an amazing young man. His courage and determination incredible and his faith in God is beautiful.

I loved the inclusion of photos of Barry Milazzo and Bryson in the book. Bryson was a beautiful child.

This book is incredible. My words cannot do it justice. You need to buy a copy of All The King’s Horses and experience the book for yourself.

Barry Milazzo, thank you for your story and your honesty. Bryson, thank you for your courage. May God bless you both.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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