Breathing Eden by Jennifer Camp

Drawing Closer To God

breathingBreathing Eden by Jennifer J Camp is an amazingly powerful non-fiction book that will help people in their walk with Jesus. Jennifer Camp is the author of the twice weekly devotions Loop that help draw people closer to God.

Breathing Eden is a collection of forty different stories from women struggling in forty different areas of life. There is the empty nester, the self harmer, the divorcee, the anorexic and many more. Each woman has the desire – to draw closer to God; to have God see and hear them; to know that they do not have to struggle alone. Which story will resonate with you?

After each story there are four sections – listen, think, trust, pray. Each one is designed to help the reader on their unique journey. We listen to what God says. We think about some questions. We draw closer to God and trust Him. And finally we pray.

The stories are true. Their cries are heartfelt. “I can’t keep pretending to smile.” Their searching for God is relentless. They and we need to know “I am with you even when you can’t see Me.” Their hearts are for God.

God’s heart is for His children. He longs for us to be with Him. If we wander from Him, He searches for us. He is watching and waiting. “You left for a while… I looked, awaiting your return each day…I was your true Father waiting for your heart to turn for home. And when you did… My feet pounded the pavement, running to you, shouting, waking up the neighbourhood at midnight yelling… She’s back.” The prodigal returned.

There are some really hard questions in Breathing Eden. “Where was I at the ovens of Auschwitz?” In all the suffering of all the people, God walks alongside but we do not always see Him. “I am with you when you are sad. I never leave you. I am right here… I will let the light in.” We need to trust He is with us. “God, you’re here. Whether I can see you, feel you or not. I know you are here.”

Breathing Eden is such an incredible read. The stories are heart wrenching. The words are beautiful. The prayers are powerful. I cannot do this book justice. I can only urge you to read it. Let the words and the stories penetrate your soul and draw you closer to the God who loves you.

I will leave you with:

“Is the wind so loud you can’t hear me?

Is the night so dark you can’t see me?

Is the storm so great you can’t find me?

You are found, my love

You are always found.”
I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.  No monetary compensation was received and all views expressed are my own.







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