God’s Not Dead II DVD


gods-not-deadGod’s Not Dead II is a wonderful faith filled film. It stars Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina The Teenage Witch) and the legendary Pat Boone.

Having read the book by Travis Thrasher, I knew the story and was keen to see the film. It was a faithful adaptation and a worthy sequel. For the viewer it was great to catch up with characters from the first film.

At first the film does appear farfetched with its persecution but the film is based on many court cases involving Christians who stood up for what they believed. “I would rather stand with God and be judged by the world, than stand with the world and be judged by God.”

There were some very moving scenes. The candles representing Jesus, the light of the world, accompanied by the singing certainly caused goose bumps to run over my body. It was a powerful scene.

Melissa Joan Hart portrayed her character well. The raw emotion on her face at times certainly pulled at my heart.

There were some very touching scenes with Grace Wesley and her Granddad. The love between the two shone through. The wise advice given to her was “Prayer is often the last thing we do, when it should be the first.” Advice we would all be wise to follow.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was great to hear songs by Newsboys too. I can highly recommend it.




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