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Blueberry Cupcake Mystery by Naomi Miller

Second Chances

BlueberryBlueberry Cupcake Mystery by Naomi Miller is a delightful Amish novella and just perfect for an evening’s read.

Inspite of being short it is packed full of godly themes and lives out taking care of widows and orphans.

Linked in to that theme is the theme of helping your neighbour. Jesus said that whenever we feed/clothe someone, it is as if we are feeding and clothing Him. This novella certainly encapsulates that.

No matter what happens in life, God is in control. He can use bad situations and turn them round for good.

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A Bee In Her Bonnet by Jennifer Beckstrand

Worth Fighting For

BeeA Bee In Her Bonnet by Jennifer Beckstrand is book two in the Honeybee Sisters series and I absolutely adored it. It can be read as a stand-alone but for maximum enjoyment, I recommend reading the books in order.

Jennifer Beckstrand has created an absolutely delightful Amish series that I just cannot get enough of. It is wonderful to continue the story of the three Honeybee Sisters, their unconventional Aunt B and their two cats – Farrah Fawcett and Billy Idol.

This novel focuses on the feisty Poppy. She is a fabulous character – a complex mixture of strong and vulnerable. She faces life as a battle and a challenge. She never has to look far for mishaps as mishaps seem to be attracted to her!

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Sweet As Honey by Jennifer Beckstrand

Trampling The Dandelions

SweetSweet As Honey by Jennifer Beckstrand is a delightful Amish novel and the first book in the Honeybee Sisters series. I loved it. The minute I began reading, I just knew that Sweet As Honey was speaking straight to my heart.

The characters were all wonderful – from the three Honeybee sisters to the handsome Dan to the feisty Aunt B and even the cat Farrah Fawcett. There is an energy in the novel and it’s humour is infectious. As the reader I really felt that I was witnessing the story unfold rather than just reading a tale.

There is an overwhelming sense of love and family in the novel. The characters live out 1 Corinthians: 13 – their love is inclusive. Everything they do is motivated by love.

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War Room (PG)

The Power Of Prayer

War RoomWar Room is a powerful Christian movie from the Kendrick brothers about the need for prayer.

Prayer connects us to God. God can do what we can’t but we need to give Him permission to act in our lives. The advice is given to “fight all your battles on your knees.” Praying to and hearing from God is essential in our lives.

War Room is about battling but battling the ‘real enemy.’ Who is that? The real enemy is the devil who wants to “distract, deceive and destroy.” There is more to life than what we can see. We are in a spiritual battle. To defeat the devil we need to speak out God’s truths and stand on God’s Word.

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