War Room (PG)

The Power Of Prayer

War RoomWar Room is a powerful Christian movie from the Kendrick brothers about the need for prayer.

Prayer connects us to God. God can do what we can’t but we need to give Him permission to act in our lives. The advice is given to “fight all your battles on your knees.” Praying to and hearing from God is essential in our lives.

War Room is about battling but battling the ‘real enemy.’ Who is that? The real enemy is the devil who wants to “distract, deceive and destroy.” There is more to life than what we can see. We are in a spiritual battle. To defeat the devil we need to speak out God’s truths and stand on God’s Word.

The theme of love is in War Room. We need to love the people around us. Loving them can achieve so much more than fighting them.

Within the film there are some very humorous moments. There are also some very touching moments. I loved it and can highly recommend it.

Prayer is powerful. Lives change when we pray. A fabulous movie.




2 thoughts on “War Room (PG)

  1. Everything about this movie is wonderful. The message to pray is the best thing about it but the interaction of the family and friends is so real. I really like this move as entertainment and as teaching.

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