The Girls by Lisa Jewell

A Mystery In Suburbia

GirlsThe Girls by Lisa Jewell is a contemporary mystery thriller. It is set in suburbia and follows the fortunes of the residents who share a communal garden.

The novel is about secrets. Everyone seems to have secrets. And everyone has a past. What will happen if the secrets ever come to light?

It is a story of bonds – there are sisterly bonds and there are friendship bonds. Bonds can create security. Bonds can also be a breeding ground for jealousy. Broken bonds can form explosive situations.

There is the theme of family. Families come in all different forms. Gone are the days of everyone having the traditional make up of Mum, Dad and children. There are extended families, single parent families and fractured families.

The novel deals with the difficult themes of mental illness, neglect and abuse. Lisa Jewell tackles them all sensitively, showing that with the proper help, people and situations can improve.

I found The Girls a compulsive read. It was a story set in suburbia. It could happen on any street. In any town. Lisa Jewell is an excellent author. Her stories draw the reader in and keep them hooked and guessing to the very end. Highly recommended.




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