Traces Of Guilt by Dee Henderson

Uncovering The Past

guiltTraces Of Guilt by Dee Henderson is a contemporary Christian mystery and the first in the Evie Blackwell Cold Case series. It was also my first novel by Dee Henderson and it will not be my last.

As the series name suggests Traces Of Guilt deals with cold cases. Evie Blackwell is on vacation in a small town but uses the two weeks to work on two cold cases.

Dee Henderson is a marvellous writer and has clearly thought out a very intricate plot. I loved the way her main character thought through various scenarios and I got totally caught up in her way of thinking. I tried to predict the outcome but failed miserably.

The novel contains many themes but a major one is that of family. Within the story there is the Thane family – Dad Caleb was the sheriff but now his son Gabriel has that title. Brothers Will and Josh work closely with Gabriel when needed. Their mother Marie is a prayer warrior. On many occasions the phrase comes up that the Thanes will get through it together. They are a strong family unit with a firm faith.

The Thanes contrast with other characters within the novel who are lost, alone, broken or all three. The Thanes offer love and support, opening up their hearts and homes to the hurting in need of healing. They epitomise the commands to love others and to take care of the widows and orphans.

The novel, as it deals with cold cases and crimes, tackles some difficult subjects but with great sensitivity. Victims of past crimes need help in healing. As the arms of the characters figuratively and literally wrap their arms around the victims, the reader is reminded that God is always with us to wrap His arms around us when we are hurt and in need of healing.

Will Thane has been an active serviceman dealing with I.E.D’s He saw unthinkable horrors and is still trying to process that. His mother wants his healing and prays for him. However she knows that “God understands better than I ever will how to seek and save Will.”

Within the novel the characters turn to God and prayer. They recognise that in certain situations they are powerless and they need God. At times characters will try to handle what only God can. Caleb gives Gabriel this advice “God can… Let it go son. This isn’t yours to carry.” There are times when we try to carry what is meant for God alone.

I absolutely loved Traces Of Guilt and cannot wait for the second book. Dee Henderson is a marvellous writer. It is so exciting for me to have ‘found’ a new author and I am looking forward to devouring her books.

If you have never read a Dee Henderson book, you are missing out. Buy Traces Of Guilt today.

I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.  No monetary compensation was received and all views expressed are my own.





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