A Daughter’s Dream by Shelley Shepard Gray

Developing Dreams

DaughterA Daughter’s Dream by Shelley Shepard Gray is an Amish romance and book number two in the Charmed Amish Life series. It can however be read as a stand-alone.

There are a great many themes within the novel and a major one is grief. Grief comes in many forms, none of them are right or wrong. Everyone grieves in different ways. Lukas and Rebecca are still coming to terms with the loss of their factory owning father (book one). Lilly Yoder is recovering from the sudden death of her parents. The town is still feeling the effects of the loss of the men in the factory fire (book one). Everyone needs support and in a small close knit community, they all try to help each other.

Families are another major theme. Family members stick together. They help each other. The extended Amish community seems particularly good at supporting and loving its members.

The novel also deals with the topic of dreams. Sometimes one is so busy trying to please others that one loses sight of one’s own dream. Sometimes dreams change or what we thought we wanted, we find we are unsuitable for. The most important thing is to follow your heart and to be the person God intends you to be.

Within the novel, the reader becomes acquainted with the Amish school children as part of the novel is set in the school. Here the reader experiences the highs and lows of teenage life. The friendships and the fallouts!

Education is of utmost importance. It is vital that we live up to our God given potential. Education can bring choice. Education does not only happen in the classroom. Some youngsters learn best with books. Others gain their education through work experience. Neither is better nor worse than the other. We all learn differently.

A Daughter’s Dream deals with sacrifice and love. There are times when we sacrifice who we are for our love of others. God does not want us to try to fit ourselves into someone else’s mould. Laying down who we were meant to be in order to help others is admirable but at a cost to our personal happiness. We function best when we are who God called us to be.

There are several blossoming loves within the novel. It is delightful for the reader to watch them pan out.

A Daughter’s Dream was a lovely gentle offering from Shelley Shepard Gray. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can highly recommend it.
I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.  No monetary compensation was received and all views expressed are my own.



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