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Her One and OnlyHer One And Only by Becky Wade is a contemporary Christian novel and book number four in the Porter family series. It can however be read as a stand-alone.

Dru Porter has three older brothers. All four of the siblings are ex marine. Dru is a bodyguard and her latest assignment is to protect NFL star Gray Fowler from a stalker. Gray is horrified to be protected by a woman. Becky Wade breaks down the stereotypes in her latest novel, as well as keeping the reader guessing about the identity of the stalker.

The novel has many themes including that of the faithfulness of God. “He’d (God) been faithful to her in the past, and she could trust Him.” Meg, Dru’s sister-in-law has experienced fertility issues in the past. Now pregnant with twins, she trusts God to take care of both her and her babies. “When Meg looked back over the course of her life, she could see the stamp of God’s faithfulness on every circumstance.” Meg realises that whatever happens to her and her babies, both they and she are God’s children. She sees God’s faithfulness to protect in the past and knows that she can trust Him with the future.

Trust in God is not something that comes naturally to all. Gray went to church as a child but this does not make him a Christian. Surrendering his life to God and trusting Him is what is needed. As a huge NFL star, Gray has had little time for God until he meets Dru. Dru trusts God and has a strong but new faith in Him. Gray has spent his life trusting in things, it is about time he tried trusting in the One who will never let him down.

Becky Wade shows that, as Solomon said in Ecclesiastes, life without God is meaningless. “I was doing wilder and wilder stunts to achieve the same level of adrenaline. And none of it was ever… fulfilling.” Life without God means life without hope. People chase after all sorts, hoping to fill the God-shaped hole inside. Gray was fond of women and alcohol. “He’d (Gray) been using drinking as a crutch without realising it.” That was never going to sustain him.

Within the novel there are the difficult topics of alcoholism and child abuse, infertility and miscarriage, and PTSD. All are sensitively tackled by Becky Wade.

Gray had a difficult upbringing and tends to avoid getting close to others. He contrasts with Dru who has a large, loving family who are very close and who love God. They open their homes and hearts to the lost and lonely.

Becky Wade shows that church does not have to your stereotypical church. Dru takes her eighty plus year old neighbour to a bikers church. The reader conjures up a wonderful image of the pair of them on a bike and sidecar!

There are some wonderful characters in Her One And Only. Dru and Gray have some sheer gems of dialogue as they bounce off each other with their witticisms.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I always love Becky Wade’s novels and can highly recommend them. If you have never read one, try Her One And Only today – you will be glad you did.

I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.  No monetary compensation was received and all views expressed are my own.



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