A Handful Of Hope by Elizabeth Maddrey

Highlighting Depression But Not Depressing

Handful of hopeA Handful Of Hope by Elizabeth Maddrey is a contemporary Christian romance and book number four in the Taste Of Romance series. It can however be read as a stand-alone.

Elizabeth Maddrey is a fabulous author and I love all her books. I found A Handful Of Hope to be not only a great read but a very brave and honest one. In it Elizabeth Maddrey tackles the topic of depression.

Depression is often seen as a taboo subject. People who have not suffered may make light of the subject using phrases like ‘snap out of it’. Depression is an illness. It is nothing to be ashamed of or hidden, and like all illnesses it needs treatment. We take pills for headaches therefore it is sensible to take pills for depression.

Elizabeth Maddrey tackles the subject of depression within Christian circles sensitively. It is a lie from the enemy that depression is linked to a lack of faith. “Some days the only hope I’m holding onto is the promise that Jesus won’t forsake me despite it feeling like He already has.” Some days it is only faith that enables people to cling on.

Within the novel Elizabeth Maddrey shows how lack of self esteem is linked in to depression. “Why did you make me this way? Why couldn’t you make me someone worth loving?” People suffering with depression need constant reassurance that they are valued and they need to be loved.

Faith is present throughout the novel. “God doesn’t give up on us… if anything, we don’t see Him because we are not bothering to look.” God’s seeming absence may not be an absence at all. In good times… pray. In bad times… pray harder.

The novel shows the importance of having a good network of friends. Friends who will laugh with you in the good times and support you in the bad.

Elizabeth Maddrey does not shy away from tackling ‘hot potato’ subjects. Within the novel there is a discussion around pre-marital sex. It is shown to be wrong. One character reckons it is the ‘modern’ way. However it is not God’s standard. We are always to measure ourselves against His standard and not the world’s. God gives us guidance to protect ourselves. Sex is a gift but it is a gift to be found within marriage.

I absolutely loved A Handful Of Hope. Elizabeth Maddrey has presented a study of depression but the novel is not depressing. It is truthful and honest. It is a great read about characters who struggle with ‘real’ problems. Characters who keep on going while literally clinging on by the skin of their teeth. Depression is an illness that needs to be faced, and sufferers need to be helped.

Thank you Elizabeth Maddrey for this brilliant book on a difficult subject. It was sensitively written and I can highly recommend it.
I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.  No monetary compensation was received and all views expressed are my own.





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