Love Blossoms: 7 Spring-Fresh Christian Romances

Totally Charming Novellas

Love BlossomsA Handful of Flowers by Kimberley Rae Jordan is a delightful Christian family story which shows love in action.

Military widow Emily has four children. When newly divorced Steve moves into the neighbourhood with his four children, a chaotic friendship begins.

There is the theme of hospitality in the novel. The traditional male and female roles are enforced. God has a part to play in all their lives, as even the children pray to God for guidance. Both families go to church.

This is a wonderful story to kick off the Love Blossoms Set. A perfect evenings read. It is also the first book in a new series. I cannot wait for book two.

The Bridesmaid’s Hero by Narelle Atkins is a Christian romance set in Australia.

Harry and Serena meet as he drives her in the bridesmaid’s car to a wedding. As he mends the broken heel on her shoe, he saves the day.

The story deals with several themes including trust and provision of God. “You need to trust that God will provide in His timing.” It also covers money, with some characters being far too focused on it. “Having money does not make you a good person.” The love of money is the root of all evil. Money in itself is not bad but we need to be good stewards of it.

The themes of love and dreams are also present.

A delightful story.

A Lesson In Love by Autumn Macarthur is a sweet Christian romance and book number three in the Maclean’s series.

Sarah lives with her Mum who is ill. Sarah refuses offers of help and their lives are lived in increasing isolation. Sarah has been let down by both people and even her previous church. She has trust issues which need resolving. Not all people who offer help will let you down. Her past is impacting on her present and future welfare.

Autumn Macarthur covers the difficult topic of Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as being aware of the people with special needs.

This story is a wonderful study in how life in a Christian community should be lived when all the believers work together for the good of the whole and do not pursue individual needs.

A lovely heart warming story.

Spring At The Barncastle by Lynette Sowell is a wonderful story that focuses on the Easter celebration.

Sadie returns to her cousin’s home Barncastle to set up a gift shop. Here she meets Peter, a widower, whom she used to tease as a child. Will they be able to put their past hurts behind them?

The novel focuses on endings and new beginnings. Endings bring sadness but as with Easter Sunday there can be hope. “Easter doesn’t just bring new life. It means hope.” Within the novel the Easter weekend is re-enacted. The Good Friday service was particularly moving, and as the reader I ‘felt’ a part of it. Sadie poignantly said “Let me never forget, never take lightly, what happened so long ago.” A thought that I echo. May we never forget the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for each and every one of us.

Lynette Sowell also shows the highs and lows of being a single parent, and the problems and joys of being a blended family.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It is a perfect read as winter ends and spring is coming. The importance of Easter was my highlight – too often we talk about Christmas but seem to brush Easter aside. At Easter our best Christmas gift lay down His life and we need to remember that.

Walk You There by Jan Thompson is a lovely Christian story where old meets new and the word of God endures forever.

Tamsyn wants to preserve her family home. All the rest of her street have sold out to developer Ryan. Ryan likes things new with glass and clean lines and straight sides. The two clash heads. What will happen? Who will win?

The novel shows that with God there are no losers, only winners. The old and the new can exist side by side. God can unite the old and the new as He works all things together for good. How will this pan out for Tamsyn and Ryan?

The story is also a study in grief. Tamsyn’s mother died of cancer eight years earlier. All of Tamsyn’s life and memories of her mother are tied up in her home. She fears letting go of her home as it will mean that memories of her Mum will die. Tamsyn does not realise that her Mum can live on in her heart.

The word of God is precious. Tamsyn treasures her centuries old family Bible. As the reader it was heart warming to see how precious the Bible was to Tamsyn. I wish that we would all treasure God’s word like that.

A wonderful story of love, faith and an unfailing God.

A Match For Magnolia by Marion Ueckermann is a delightful re-telling of Cinderella with elements of the prodigal son.

Magnolia (Maggie) makes jewellery for a living. She is commissioned by Lord Davis Rathbone to make a diamond ring. Maggie has read about Davis in the paper and she has pre-conceived ideas about him. Will meeting him face to face confirm or deny her prejudices?

Marion Ueckermann also shows how damaging gossiping and listening to gossip can be. There are always two sides to every tale and it is far better to approach the person concerned than to listen to what is said behind their back.

Within the story are the themes of grace and new beginnings. Davis has had a decidedly chequered past but three years previously he had surrendered his life to God. “Allowing God to take control of his life had been the wisest thing he’d done.” With God everyone can have a new beginning. We accept God and we are a new creation in Christ. Our old ways of life have gone. We find that what used to matter to us has diminished as we have a better way of life.

The role of God is central to the story. Both Maggie and Davis seek God’s answers when they turn to Him in prayer.

Maggie has the conserving and taking care of God’s world at heart. This is God’s world and we need to take care of it.” She drives an electric car, showing that she cares about her carbon footprint. She also rescues hedgehogs who have been dwindling in their numbers.

A Match For Magnolia was a totally charming tale and I loved it.

Spring Break by Susette Williams is a sweet Christian story that focuses on the theme of taking care of the widows and orphans.

Kelly works at an orphanage and meets fire fighter Marc as he rescues her from a tree. Marc is used to putting people first and taking care of others. Kelly has a heart for children as she also volunteers and teaches children at church.

There is the theme of forgiveness running throughout. Without forgiving past events, future happiness is at stake.

There is also a searching to belong. All the orphans need homes but I found little Annie totally irresistible.

A charming tale.

I have loved this collection of novellas. Each one has been totally charming and I can highly recommend them.

I received this collection for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.  No monetary compensation was received and all views expressed are my own.






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