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What Happens Now? by Sophia Money-Coutts

Roaringly Funny And Honest

What Happens Now? By Sophia Money-Coutts is a very upbeat contemporary novel about the highs and lows of pregnancy. I really enjoyed this honest look at life through the eyes and mind of a single thirty one year old named Lil.

The book opens with a pregnancy test and ends after delivery. The reader ‘travels’ the nine months with Lil. We see her take on situations as she asks the questions all mums-to-be want to ask. Written in the first person the reader becomes intimately acquainted with Lil. I loved her down to earth manner that contrasted with those around her in the birthing class.

What Happens Now? Was not just about pregnancy, it was about good friends, work colleagues and family. Not all families are made up of the traditional mum, dad, two children and a dog but the families are made up of love.

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