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Walk Me Home by Catherine Ryan Hyde


WalkWalk Me Home by Catherine Ryan Hyde is a contemporary novel about searching to belong and I really enjoyed it.

Sixteen year old Carly and eleven year old Jen spend much of the novel walking. They are on a journey looking for home. Carly has a restless spirit that cannot settle. She is focussed in her search. Jen has a calmer nature. She knows a truth that Carly has yet to grasp – home is not a place, home is a relationship and being with people who love you. Will Carly ever grasp this truth?

Carly and Jen are a unit. They are sisters. They have a bond. Carly has a dominant personality. She loves Jen but doesn’t always hear correctly what she is saying. Carly wants Jen and everything else in the world to fit in with her views. She fails to mould her life into the circumstances and people around her.

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