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Utterly Brilliant My Life’s Journey by Timmy Mallett

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Utterly Brilliant My Life’s Journey by Timmy Mallett is an utterly brilliant book about Timmy Mallett’s pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago in memory of his brother Martin.

This book is a powerful read as we learn not only about the sights along the way but also life lessons. The Camino de Santiago is a physical, cultural, historical and spiritual journey undertaken by many pilgrims each year, with some making repeat journeys.

Timmy Mallett makes his journey by e-bike, leaving markers in tribute to his brother Martin along the way. Using the map at the front of the book and the app Three Little Words, the markers are available for all to find.

Martin was born with Down’s Syndrome and not expected to make it far into adulthood. He actually made it the sixty four years and seven months. Timmy Mallett speaks fondly of his brother who loved life and lived loved. “Martin… had love in abundance… We sometimes wondered if that extra chromosome… is an extra chromosome of love.”

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