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These Healing Hills by Ann H Gabhart

A Horse, A Dog And A Saddlebag

These Healing Hills by Ann H Gabhart is the most delightful Christian historical romance. It is set in 1945 as the war in Europe ends. Fact blends with fiction as the reader learns about the Frontier Nursing Service.

War changes people. Not everyone in war brings harm. “He ain’t over there shooting people, but … he’s doing some healing too.” Medics still saw horrendous sights and needed a special healing of their own.

Home calls some. For others they run from their original home to find somewhere else where they belong. Home is where we feel at peace.

The mountains are a unique landscape, housing a unique people. Distrustful of strangers until they realise they mean no harm. They are the salt of the earth. They have a fine community spirit that pulls together, especially in the harsh winter months.

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