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The Winters by Lisa Gabriele

After Rebekah

The Winters by Lisa Gabriele – what a fabulous, nail biting, edge of your seat contemporary psychological thriller. I just could not put it down. I read with heart racing as the book sped to its conclusion.

Anyone familiar with Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca has just got to read this modern version, set in America. Anyone who hasn’t read the original Rebecca is in for a real treat too, not to mention a roller coaster ride.

The story follows similar lines to Rebecca, even opening in a parallel way. The house, Asherley, like Mandelay, plays a starring role. It almost takes on a personality as its rooms and hallways echo with those who have gone before.

There is a startling contrast of innocence and experience, with Rebekah being everything the narrator is not. Envy? Jealousy? Or just lack of experience? You decide.

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