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The Thorn Keeper by Pepper Basham

His Love

The Thorn Keeper by Pepper Basham is a delightful Christian historical novel and the second book in the Penned In Time series. I would recommend reading book one first as this one follows on immediately afterwards.

It is still 1915 but the focus of this novel is on older sister Catherine. God has redeemed her and called her by name. Her past no longer defines her as she is a new creation in Christ Jesus.

Sometimes we fear that we are not ‘good enough’ to be used by God but “I can use you right where you are. I can use you as you are.” God uses us as He finds us and then He changes us. We do not need to clean our act up and then come. God says ‘come’ and then we will change with His love.

The novel deals with the theme of fallen women and their children. “How could anyone lay the sins of the mother on his little head?” It is horrifying to the modern reader to witness the stigma attached to unmarried mothers and their babies. A kind hearted character sees beyond the situation and offers a helping hand.

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