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The Thorn Bearer by Pepper Basham

Rescuer Of The Lost

The Thorn Bearer by Pepper Basham is a powerful Christian historical novel and the first book in the Penned In Time series.

The book is set in 1915 with some of the action on the doomed Lusitania. Actual near drownings mirror characters drowning within themselves. “She was drowning. Oh, God, where are You?” The past can be a cruel master that blinds us to God’s love. “God remained … silent… All of that love? It was never meant for me.” God is never silent but in our pain we cannot always hear Him. Lies from the enemy whisper that we are unworthy. “I’ll not have you believing the lies from the shadows.” We need others to help to point us to God and to help us to stand on the word of God and know that we are loved.

God is the rescuer of sinners and we are all sinners in need of a Saviour. “God doesn’t want someone as ruined as me tainting His Heaven.” None of us are ever worthy to stand before God but His grace and love redeem us. Because of Jesus we can come to God just as we are. He will change us from the inside out.

A major theme in the novel is forgiveness. We must forgive. Withholding forgiveness will not just hurt the other person, we will poison our own lives if we become bitter. “Your bitterness is blinding you from seeing what God can do for a person who desperately needs forgiveness.” If we cannot forgive in our strength, we must God for His.

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