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The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly

The Power Of Dreams And The Bulldog Spirit

The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly is an epic historical read. Spanning the years from 1888 – 1898 and moving from the grimy streets of Jack the Ripper’s Whitehall to New York city, it really is a gripping read.

The novel shows the awful poverty at the time combined with the bulldog spirit of the people. “Life’s trials [were] easier to bear with a strong cup of tea in hand.” Sacrifices and love kept families together.

There is the theme of dreams. “The day you stop dreaming… you are as good as dead.” People will try to take your dreams from you but you need to dig deep and hold on. “Keep a hold of your dreams… never mind about people who tell you you can’t.” Hard work and perseverance will help you achieve your dreams.

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