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The Munich Girl by Phyllis Edgerly Ring

Ein Neues Geschenk (A New Gift)

The Munich Girl by Phyllis Edgerly RingĀ  – oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! What to say? A truly marvellous historical novel that really brings the past alive.

The timeline alternates between 1995 America and 1930’s/40’s Germany, as a character delves into her mother’s past. Using photographs, artefacts and diary entries, the past is pieced together.

The novel explores Eva Braun. Phyllis Edgerly Ring creates a fully rounded 3D personality bringing Eva to life. The flat character appearing in the background of Hitler becomes a living, breathing woman. It was fascinating getting to know Eva and I really liked her.

There was so much more to Eva Braun than just a pretty young woman infatuated with the Fuhrer. The reader becomes intimately acquainted with her. We see her strength of character that defies the Fuhrer’s commands which contrasts with the meekness as she awaits his wishes.

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