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The Key To Flambards by Linda Newbery

The Story Continues…

The Key To Flambards by Linda Newbery is a wonderful contemporary tale following on from K.M. Peyton’s fabulous Flambards series.

This book brings us bang up to date as it is set one hundred years after the original books. In this tale we meet the direct descendants of Christina Russell and we return to the original setting. “Decisions made by Christina nearly a hundred years ago had led to them all sitting here now.” Little has changed in the surrounding area.

Flambards is once more a place of scars and healing. Previously there were scars from hunting accidents and World War I. Today there are scars from a car accident and serving in Afghanistan. There are visible scars and there are those hidden deep within.

Discovering old artefacts enables the modern characters to get to know those who lived and loved in the past at Flambards.

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