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The Husband by Aaron Daniel Behr

Powerful And Heartbreaking

The Husband by Aaron Daniel Behr is a powerful and heartbreaking contemporary Christian story. I found it beautiful in its simplicity. The words lodged in my heart and soul. Tissues were needed as my heart broke.

The suffering inflicted on the innocent ‘spoke’ to me of the suffering of another Innocent – One who was bruised for our iniquities, pierced for our transgressions. A great love nailed Him to the cross and kept Him there. A great love caused pain and suffering for the innocent in the story.

Jesus is at the centre. The question is – how much do we trust Him? And His plans? We need to listen to His voice. “A small, still voice told him not to do it. He ignored it.” When God whispers, we would be wise not to ignore Him but to obey and seek His peace.

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