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The Garden Of Lost And Found by Harriet Evans

The Nightingale Sings

The Garden Of Lost And Found by Harriet Evans is the most beautiful historical and contemporary epic novel that will ‘speak’ to your heart and soul.

The novel follows the generations of a family from 1880-1918 and then in present day. The bonds between a granddaughter and a grandmother are strong, surviving the grave.

Motherhood and the role of the female are explored. As the novel opens it is pre the suffragette movement, however little changes for females down the generations as the males dominate. The females are inwardly strong and this inner strength is their saving grace.

Our childhood influences the adults we become. Childhood nightmares and curses follow a character down the years.

Being a mother can be hard. I recognised myself in some of the contemporary breakfast scenes! – Trying to please all but ending up pleasing none.

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