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The Doorstep Child by Annie Murray

Absolutely Heartbreaking

The Doorstep Child by Annie Murray is the third book in a fabulous historical series set in Birmingham. This novel has Evie at its heart and covers the years from 1950’s- 1970’s. It is absolutely heart breaking. My emotions have been torn apart.

Evie, whom the reader met in War Babies, was born in 1943, always unwanted and uncared for (she was the ‘wrong’ sex), Evie has searched to belong and be loved. Evie is a delightful character with a good heart, full of love. I know it’s just a story but I really wanted to give Evie a home!

The Doorstep Child is about family, community and love. It has the heart wrenching topics of illegitimate children and unmarried mothers and all the stigma that brings, homosexuality and mental health. The 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s really seem like the dark ages to the modern reader who is horrified at the attitudes and treatments.

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